Saturday, December 6, 2014


I am a writer and a journalist living in Bucharest, Romania.

Rhea Cristina is my pen name, as a writer.

I was born on April 6th, 1973, in Gaesti town, Romania.

I have published 9 books in the field of Literature, Journalism and Communication Sciences and emerged as an important member of the new generation. I am the founder & owner of the lifestyle website Great Fashion,


I have been accepted for Graduate Studies in the Master's Degree Program at the Indiana University School of Journalism (USA) for the fall 2005. Offer declined.

In 2007, I was a scholar of Kulturkontakt Austria “Writers-in-Residence” Creative Residence (scholarship) Program, Vienna, Austria.

I hold a BA degree in Journalism (Bachelor of Art -- the 3+ 1 programme, equivalent a BA + MA in the EU member states) from the University of Bucharest, the Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences, Bucharest, Romania, 1997.

I have been working for more than 20 years in the Romanian mass-media (as a journalist: „Independent“ newspaper; TV5 Europe SIGMA Channel; „Ora“ newspaper; "Cotidianul" newspaper; Flux TV – Bucharest, Romania), academia (as an Assistant Professor: "Dimitrie Cantemir" University, Department of Political Sciences – Communication and Public Relations Department; "Spiru Haret" University, Department of Philosophy and Journalism; "Hyperion" University, Department of Journalism – Bucharest, Romania) and many other professional institutions (as a PR Specialist: a pharmaceutical company, a health center and some publishing houses -- Bucharest, Romania).


I have published 9 books in the field of Literature, Journalism and Communication Science.

1996: Rhea Cristina -- Ochiul strainului, poezie 

(Stranger’s Eye, poetry book), DU STYLE Publishing House, Bucharest, 1996 

1996: The Award of the Romanian Writers Union (Dobrogea Branch) for my Stranger’s Eye, poetry book

I am a correspondent/contributor of „The Aspera Romanian Educational and Charitable Foundation, Inc.“, Boston, Massachusetts, USA ( that represents a digital library of interviews, memories, oral history studies, books and images of Romanian recent history) since 2000.

Some of the interviews-surveys which have been published in my three published books („Europeans at our home“, „22 witnesses to the Destiny“ and „Romania, which has vanished“) exist on this site, in Romanian and English.

I had a weekly broadcast named „A Cultural Dialogue” on the TV5 Europe SIGMA Channel, Bucharest, where I had dialogues with representative personalities of the Romanian culture (1995-1998).

My poetry was greatly appreciated by the Romanian mass media and the most important Romanian cultural magazines:
“Poesis” (Satu Mare), “Contemporanul, Ideea europeana” (Bucuresti), “Timpul” (Iasi), “Vatra” (Târgu Mures), “Tribuna” (Sibiu), “Luceafarul”, “Adevarul literar si artistic” (Bucuresti).
 As a poet, I am a member of The Romanian Writers Union (Bucharest) since 2002.

My academic and professional interests are the following:

social and cultural aspects of journalism and communication;

feature and creative writing;

book writing (especially biography);

international communication and comparative journalism;

cultural production in mass media;

production broadcast television;

communication and culture;

public relations.